Students experience men’s professional tennis tournament as ball crew

September 28, 2023

Thirty student athletes who are part of LTP Scholars and LTP Academy are volunteering this week to serve as ball crew for the LTP Challenger tournament.

The ball crew is an integral part of tennis matches, and their duties range from retrieving balls that land in the net or behind the service line as well as supplying balls to the server.

It’s the expectation of every LTP Scholars and LTP Academy student to find ways to give back, said Executive Director of LTP Scholars Jean Bartlett.

“We try to instill gratitude,” she said.

Additionally, these students have high tennis aspirations, such as playing at the collegiate level or becoming a professional, Bartlett said.

“It’s important for them to recognize all of the different elements that go into putting on an event such as this and to appreciate the people who are making it go,” she said.

This experience also gives them the opportunity to interact with exceptional players and see how they carry themselves on and off the court.

“To see more of the mental side of the game up close is huge for these students,” she said.

Senior Jake Smith said he’s learned a lot from volunteering on ball crew.

“They’re usually very positive, whether they’re winning or losing,” he said. “These are the guys who are able to come back when they’re down big. And just the different shots they hit. It’s fun to watch and be that close.”



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